[Outbreak of diarrhea by rotavirus in Bom Jesus city, Piauí State].

  title={[Outbreak of diarrhea by rotavirus in Bom Jesus city, Piau{\'i} State].},
  author={Telma Maria Evangelista de Ara{\'u}jo and Jord{\^a}nia Miranda Dantas and Carlos Eduardo Feitosa Carvalho and Maria Am{\'e}lia de Oliveira Costa},
  journal={Ciencia & saude coletiva},
  volume={15 Suppl 1},
This study focused a diarrhea outbreak caused by rotavirus in a city of Piauí State aiming to identify the etiology, protocol of assistance to cases. A case series was carried out with 22 children assisted for acute diarrhea in 2006 in Health Units of Bom Jesus city. The data were collected by means of interviews utilizing forms that were with the help of the children's parents and analysis of the appointment files was performed. Most of the families (59.1%) had a monthly income inferior to the… CONTINUE READING