[Otomycosis: etiology and analysis of predisposing factors].

  title={[Otomycosis: etiology and analysis of predisposing factors].},
  author={Salvatore Oliveri and G Capello and Mariasanta Napolitano and C. Triolo and Carlo Grillo},
  journal={Bollettino dell'Istituto sieroterapico milanese},
  volume={63 6},
An otomycosis was found in 80 cases of external otitis on a total of 132. Itching was the characteristic beginning, rapidly followed by pain, conductive hearing loss, tympanic perforation. Aspergillus was isolated in 81.7% of cases: in particular, A. niger in 67.1% of cases. A. flavus in 13.4% A. fumigatus in 1.2%. Candida albicans was isolated in 11% of cases. A statistical analysis based on chi 2 test was performed to evaluate the role of possible predisposing factors. Highly significant… CONTINUE READING

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