• Medicine
  • Published in Chirurgie pediatrique 1985

[Osteoarthritis in infants. Follow-up and treatment].

  title={[Osteoarthritis in infants. Follow-up and treatment].},
  author={Jacques Pr{\'e}vot and Pierre Francois Mari Lascombes and D Mainard and Jean-Louis Ligier and J. P. Metaizeau},
  journal={Chirurgie pediatrique},
  volume={26 3},
For 25 years, 102 hematogenous septic arthritis have been observed in 82 newborns and infants. The hip joint was the most commun site of involvement (63 cases), than the knee (23 cases), the shoulder (7 cases), the elbow (5 cases), the ankle (3 cases) and one wrist. 14 times, two or more joints were involved. When the diagnosis was made early, an aspiration of pus and an irrigation of the joint was done. But in severe and delayed arthritis, an arthrotomy was preferred. In all cases, joints were… CONTINUE READING