[Orbital metastasis].


Orbital metastases are uncommon, accounting for 4% of all adult orbital tumors. The mean age at time of presentation is 60 years. The primary tumor is most often a carcinoma involving the breast (40%), lung (11%), or prostate (8%). Proptosis is the main clinical sign at diagnosis and is often associated with visual impairment, pain or ptosis. Imaging… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.neuchi.2010.02.008


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@article{Civit2010OrbitalM, title={[Orbital metastasis].}, author={Thierry Civit and Sophie Colnat-Coulbois and S{\'e}bastien Freppel}, journal={Neuro-Chirurgie}, year={2010}, volume={56 2-3}, pages={148-51} }