[Orbital complications of rhinosinusitis].

  title={[Orbital complications of rhinosinusitis].},
  author={Jelica Stojanovi{\'c} and Nela V Ili{\'c} and Branislav P. Belic and Ljubica Živi{\'c} and Predrag Stankovi{\'c} and Ljiljana Erdevicki and Sergije Jovanovic},
  journal={Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica},
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INTRODUCTION Orbital complications were observed in 53 patients (1.35%, n=53/3912 of all treated patients; 11.04%, n= 53/480 of hospitalized patients). Complications in the orbit can occur in 3-5% of adults with the inflammatory condition of sinuses, while the percentage in children ranges from 0.5-8%. OBJECTIVE The objective of our work was to determine… CONTINUE READING