[Oral 5-fluorouracil therapy in liver metastasis].


The therapeutic results of 5-FU given by oral application (15 mg/kg body weight x 10 days) in 11 patients with hepatic metastases (after colorectal and mammary carcinoma) are reported: objective response in 2 patients and subjective improvement in 4 patients contrasts to 3 patients without response and 2 patients with indefinite response to adjuvant… (More)


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@article{Kuehboeck1979Oral5T, title={[Oral 5-fluorouracil therapy in liver metastasis].}, author={J Kuehboeck and Paul Aiginger and P. P{\"o}tzi}, journal={Acta medica Austriaca. Supplement}, year={1979}, volume={6}, pages={327-9} }