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[Optimization of the image intensifier-assisted technique of lumbar sympathetic block. Computed tomographic simulation of a paravertebral puncture access].

  title={[Optimization of the image intensifier-assisted technique of lumbar sympathetic block. Computed tomographic simulation of a paravertebral puncture access].},
  author={Andreas Weyland and Wolfgang Weyland and H P Carduck and Jan Hildebrandt and Dietrich Kettler},
  journal={Der Anaesthesist},
  volume={42 10},
The paravertebral approach is the most common technique for local anaesthetic and neurolytic lumbar sympathetic blocks. However, guidelines on the site of needle insertion differ. As there have been several case reports on accidental trauma to the ureter and the kidney, this study was undertaken to evaluate the site of paravertebral needle insertion and the fluoroscopic landmarks for lumbar sympathetic blocks by computed tomographic puncture simulation. METHODS. CT scans of 73 patients at the… Expand
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