[On an electron microscopic study of the juxtaglomerular special structure of the kidney. III. Epithelioid cells in the afferent arterioles].

  title={[On an electron microscopic study of the juxtaglomerular special structure of the kidney. III. Epithelioid cells in the afferent arterioles].},
  author={O. Bucher and E. Reale},
  journal={Zeitschrift fur Zellforschung und mikroskopische Anatomie},
  • O. Bucher, E. Reale
  • Published 1962
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Zeitschrift fur Zellforschung und mikroskopische Anatomie
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The bivalence of Juxtaglomerular cells in the maturing rat kidney
Morphological and functional maturation, achieved by 3 to 4 weeks, is associated with increasing numbers of bivalent cells and a shift in the main site of renin production from the inner to the outer cortical zone. Expand
Zur Ultrastruktur von Glomustumoren und Glomusorganen
SummaryThe histogenesis and function of single cell elements—in this case particularly of epitheloid cells—in glomus organs (Hoyer-Grosser shunts, arteriovenous epitheloid cell glomerula) and glomusExpand
Funktions- und Formwandel der Gefäßwandzellen des juxtaglomerulären Apparates der Niere beim Kaninchen
SummaryA solitary loss of blood and three subsequent orthostatical collapses in the rabbit are followed by a temporary anury and oligury. If the granular cells of the afferent arterioles are notExpand
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In unserem Untersuchungsgut finden wir hin und wieder einige wenige, wahrscheinlich Renin enthaltende Granula (Abb. 1–4). Expand
Der juxtaglomeruläre Apparat der Niere
Die ersten grundlegenden Untersuchungen zur Struktur des juxtaglomerularen Apparates (jgA) und seiner Funktion stammen von dem belgischen Pathologen GOORMAGHTIGH (1932, 1939, 1940, 1944, 1951).
[On electron microscopic examination of the juxtaglomerular structure of the kidneys. IV. Goormaghtigh cells].
  • O. Bucher, E. Reale
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Zeitschrift fur Anatomie und Entwicklungsgeschichte
  • 1962


Electron microscopy of renal juxtaglomerular cells
Lysosomes and Related Particles
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses lysosomes and related particles. Lysosomes have a fairly narrow size range, but there are exceptions such as the large droplets in kidney cells andExpand
Mitochondrial a-Glycerophosphate Dehydrogenase Activity of Juxtaglomerular Cells in Experimental Hypertension and Adrenal Insufficiency
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Non-coenzyme linked a-glycerophosphate dehydrogenase activity has been demonstrated histochemically in juxtaglomerular cells of rats and decreased both in ischemic kidneys from renal hypertensive rats and in kidneys from adrenal insufficient animals. Expand
Action of Long‐Chain Polymers on Kidney Juxtaglomerular Cells and Connective Tissue Mast Cells
The finding of elements with analogous characteristics in the subintimal layer of arterioles in other organs raises the question as to whether J-G cells play a less specialized role in the kidney than hitherto supposed. Expand
Interrelationship of electrolytes, juxtaglomerular cells and hypertension.
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Electron microscopy was carried out on sections through tissue mast cells from the peritoneal fluid of rats and hamsters, either untreated, x-irradiated, or injected with toluidine blue, protamine sulfate, or stilbamidine to study the structure and function of mast cells. Expand
The effect of desoxycorticosterone acetate and of sodium on the juxtaglomerular apparatus.
The granular cells of the juxtaglomerular apparatus (JGA) constitute one phase of a secretory cycle which leads to the production of a renal vasomotor substance or a precursor thereof; yet the role of these cells, in the absence of more convincing evidence, must be considered as unknown. Expand
Die Arterio-Venösen Anastomosen