[Ocular refraction in Zaire].

  title={[Ocular refraction in Zaire].},
  author={Dieudonn{\'e} Kaimbo wa Kaimbo and Luc Missotten},
  journal={Bulletin de la Societe belge d'ophtalmologie},
PURPOSE to determine frequencies of refractive errors in Zairian blacks and to investigate the influence of race upon refraction. METHODS we examined the records of all patients seen at the department of Ophthalmology from 1963 to 1972. Refraction was measured by objective (skiascopy) or subjective methods. RESULTS we found 4326 patients with ametropia, about 16% of the total. The records of 2594 Zairian patients with refractive errors were compared to those of 1417 non Zairian black… CONTINUE READING