[Ochrobactrum anthropi bacteremia developed after cholangiopancreatography].

  title={[Ochrobactrum anthropi bacteremia developed after cholangiopancreatography].},
  author={Oğuz Reşat Sipahi and Şebnem Çalik and Kani Mazharoğullari and Ş{\"o}hret Aydemir and Tansu Yamazhan and Oktay Tekeşin},
  journal={Mikrobiyoloji bulteni},
  volume={41 3},
Ochrobactrum anthropi (formerly Achromobacter spp.) is an aerobic, motile, oxidase positive and lactose negative gram negative bacillus which is widely distributed in the environment and water sources. In recent publications, O. anthropi has an increasing importance as a nosocomial infection agent. The aim of this report was to present a case of O. anthropi… CONTINUE READING