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[Obtaining 14-oxycarminomycin and a study of its antitumor activity].

  title={[Obtaining 14-oxycarminomycin and a study of its antitumor activity].},
  author={Povarov Ls and Bazhanov Vs and Vasekina Vf},
: The authors obtained 14-oxykarminomycin by alkaline hydrolysis of 14-bromokarminomycin. On two-fold intravenous administration to mice with lymphosarcoma, strain L10-1, 14-oxycarminomycin showed the same toxicity as karminomycin. The preparation had the same selective antitumor activity as karminomycin. 
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Carminomycin, 14-hydroxycarminomycin and its novel carbohydrate derivatives potently kill human tumor cells and their multidrug resistant variants.
The new hydrophilic derivatives of 14-hydroxycarminomycin were obtained using 13-dimethyl ketal of14-bromocarminomcin (6) as the starting compound and were less toxic than carminomecin or 14-Hydroxycarmineomycin for leukemia (K562) and breast carcinoma (MCF-7) cells. Expand
Second Generation Drugs-derivatives of Natural Antitumor Anthracycline Antibiotics Daunorubicin, Doxorubicin and Carminomycin
The design of new generation potential anticancer agents based on known structural principles was found to produce compounds with significantly increased chemotherapeutical indexes. Expand
Antitumor antibiotic carminomycin.
  • G. F. Gause
  • Medicine
  • Zeitschrift fur allgemeine Mikrobiologie
  • 1980