[Nursing diagnoses of premature infant under intermediary care].

  title={[Nursing diagnoses of premature infant under intermediary care].},
  author={Nat{\'a}lia Del'Angelo and Fernanda dos Santos Nogueira de G{\'o}es and Maria C{\'e}lia Barcellos Dalri and Adriana Moraes Leite and Maria C{\^a}ndida de Carvalho Furtado and Carmen Gracinda Silvan Scochi},
  journal={Revista brasileira de enfermagem},
  volume={63 5},
The study aims at identifying nursing diagnoses of premature infants attended in a neonatal intermediary care unit in the countryside of São Paulo State, Brazil. That was a retrospective study conducted from 118 patient records of hospitalized premature infants. The most frequent nursing diagnosis were sleep deprivation (83.1%), risk for infection (76.3%) and dysfunctional family processes (75.4%), belonging to NANDA domains: activity/rest, security/protection and role relations, this order… CONTINUE READING