[Nonagenarian patients admitted to Spanish internal medicine hospital departments].

  title={[Nonagenarian patients admitted to Spanish internal medicine hospital departments].},
  author={Montserrat L{\'a}zaro and Javier Marco and Raquel Barba and Jos{\'e} Manuel Ribera and Susana Garc{\'i}a Plaza and Antonio Zapatero},
  journal={Revista espanola de geriatria y gerontologia},
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OBJECTIVE To describe the demographic and clinical profile of nonagenarian patients admitted to Internal Medicine departments in Spanish hospitals, and to compare it with younger patients. METHODS We identified, through the MBDS (Basic Minimum Data Set), every patient older than 90 years admitted to Internal Medicine Departments of the Spanish National Health Service public hospitals between 2005- 2008. Hospital discharge data were obtained from the MBDS. A diagnosis-related group (DRG) was… CONTINUE READING