[Nocardia farcinica infection. Cutaneous form in an immunodepressed patient].

  title={[Nocardia farcinica infection. Cutaneous form in an immunodepressed patient].},
  author={Françoise Granier and N Kahla-Cl{\'e}menceau and F Richardin and V. Leclerc and Chantal Bourgeois-Droin and Liliane Berardi-Grassias and François Tr{\'e}moli{\`e}res},
  journal={Presse medicale},
  volume={23 7},
Nocardiosis is a rare localized or systemic infection caused by bacteria of the Actinomycetaceae family. Nocardia farcinica, recently identified as a distinct species from Nocardia asteroides, characteristically causes severe systemic infections and is particularly resistant to antibiotics. We report a case of nocardiosis observed in a patient receiving general corticosteroid therapy for bullous pemphigoid and who developed a sub-cutaneous abscess of the breast. N. farcinica was identified on… CONTINUE READING