[New microbiological Techniques in diagnosis of tuberculosis].

  title={[New microbiological Techniques in diagnosis of tuberculosis].},
  author={V I Golyshevskaia and Alexander Korneev and Larisa N. Chernousova and L G Selina and T A Kazarova and T D Grishina and Svetlana G. Safonova and V A Puzanov and G M Nikolaeva and N. I. Fadeeva},
  journal={Problemy tuberkuleza},
Microbial spectrum in patients with disorders of the upper respiratory tract consisted mainly of streptococci, staphylococci and pneumococci in 1991-1993, 1994 and later, respectively. Most specific for detection of nontuberculous flora was brushing with protecting agar plugs in combination with transport medium and anaerobic culturing. Direct immunofluorescence allows detection of antigens M. chlamydia in 29.4%, M. pneumoniae in 18.5% of cases. In diagnosis of tuberculosis the following new… CONTINUE READING
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