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[New approaches to the surgical treatment of coronary arteriosclerosis].

  title={[New approaches to the surgical treatment of coronary arteriosclerosis].},
  author={L. V. Lebedev and A. G. Vinogradov and Iu I Sedletskiĭ and Iu A Petukhov},
  volume={28 6},
A new combined approach to surgical treatment of coronary heart disease is recommended: direct myocardial revascularization (mammary-coronary and aorto-coronary bypass) to recover coronary flow; partial ileo-shunting to control hyperlipoproteinemia, and Arnulf's plexectomy (heart denervation) to eliminate vasospastic component. The sequence of operations can be altered depending on the diagnostic findings. Each operation can be performed independently or in combination with others. Operations…