[Neuropeptide thyroliberin--an endogenous anticonvulsant in the brain].

  title={[Neuropeptide thyroliberin--an endogenous anticonvulsant in the brain].},
  author={Serguei A Chepurnov and Nina E Chepurnova and Kenul Abbasova and O B Goncharov},
  journal={Uspekhi fiziologicheskikh nauk},
  volume={33 1},
Thyroliberin (TRH) promoting endogenous antidepressive effect is the most general regulator of the central mechanisms and visceral functions (especially respiration). Our group pioneered in applying the anticonvulsant action of TRH after local intranasal application. This application TRH in ultra-low doses contrast the method of systemic TRH administration (i.v., i.m. or oral in the large doses--mg). In our experiments intranasal application of 10(-9) M, 10(-10) M and 10(-12) M TRH… CONTINUE READING