[Neurologic and neurosensory forms of Rift Valley fever in Mauritania].

  title={[Neurologic and neurosensory forms of Rift Valley fever in Mauritania].},
  author={O. Riou and Bataille Philippe and Alain Jouan and I. S. Coulibaly and Mireille Mondo and J. P. Digoutte},
  journal={Bulletin de la Societe de pathologie exotique et de ses filiales},
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During and after a Rift Valley fever epidemic in Southern Mauritania, we observed 348 patients infected by RVF virus. 17 of them had encephalitis. These belonged to 2 groups, acute febrile forms with short duration and possibility of death, and sub-acute forms, with a longer duration and with sequelae. They were pure encephalitis, without clinical or biological meningeal signs. We also noticed 5 brutal ocular attacks, running very slowly, with sequelae.