[Neurogenous tumors in head and neck region].

  title={[Neurogenous tumors in head and neck region].},
  author={Hisanori Nishizono and Yutaka Hanamure and Taro Matsuzaki and Kazuyuki Ito and Mika Ohyama},
  journal={Nihon Jibiinkoka Gakkai kaiho},
  volume={100 12},
We treated 26 patients with neurogenous tumors in the head and neck region in our hospital during the past 17 years. Their pathologic diagnoses were neurilenoma in 25 cases and paraganglioma in 1 case. The origin of the tumor was vagus in 4 cases, hypoglossal nerve in 3 cases, and sympathetic nerve in 3 cases. Neurological defect symptoms were observed in 12 cases after the surgery. The most common symptom was recurrent nerve palsy. The characteristic finding in the imaging study and the… CONTINUE READING