[Neurocysticercosis: a clinical and pathological study of 27 necropsied cases].

  title={[Neurocysticercosis: a clinical and pathological study of 27 necropsied cases].},
  author={M R Montem{\'o}r Netto and Emerson Leandro Gasparetto and Leonardo Nercolini Faoro and Jorge S Reis Filho and Guilherme Sandrini De Toni and Arnolfo de Carvalho Neto and Leonel Fernando Torres},
  journal={Arquivos de neuro-psiquiatria},
  volume={58 3B},
Neurocysticercosis is the most frequent and widespread neuroparasitosis of the human being. The development of brain and leptomeningeal lesions, with subsequent symptoms, are mainly related with the immune status of the host, and to the number and evolutional phase of the parasites. We present the pathological findings in 27 necropsies of patients with neurocysticercosis, which accounted for 3.1% of the necropsies. 77% of the patients were male and the age ranged from 18 to 85 years. In 26… CONTINUE READING