[Neural network grade program of natural forest protection].

  title={[Neural network grade program of natural forest protection].},
  author={Chuanwen Luo and Yian Chen and Haiqing Hu and Hailong Shen and Shaohui Fan},
  journal={Ying yong sheng tai xue bao = The journal of applied ecology},
  volume={16 6},
In this paper, the implement steps of natural forest protection program grading (NFPPG) with neural network (NN) were summarized, and the concepts of program illustration, patch sign unification and regress, and inclining factor were set forth. Employing Arc/Info GIS, the tree species diversity and rarity, disturbance degree, protection of channel system, and classification management in Moershan National Forest Park were described, and, used as the input factors of NN, the relationships… CONTINUE READING