[Nephrolithiasis in "disk-variant" cross-over renal dystopia. Report of a case].


Renal dystopia is a frequent urogenital anomality. Renal dystopia encloses pelvic kidney or malascending kidney, but also rare anomalities like renal duplication or crossed renal dystopia. These allotopias are often diagnosed on routine examination of the urogenital system. We report a case with fused crossed renal dystopia on the left with atypical… (More)


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@article{Gebauer1998NephrolithiasisI, title={[Nephrolithiasis in "disk-variant" cross-over renal dystopia. Report of a case].}, author={Bernhard Gebauer and Denise Meyer and Melanie Friedrich}, journal={Rontgenpraxis; Zeitschrift fur radiologische Technik}, year={1998}, volume={51 12}, pages={452-5} }