[Neonatal epilepsy and inborn errors of metabolism].

  title={[Neonatal epilepsy and inborn errors of metabolism].},
  author={Nadia Bahi-Buisson and Karine Mention and Pierre Louis Leger and Vassili Valayanopoulos and Rima Nabbout and Anna Maria Kaminska and Perrine Plouin and Olivier Dulac and Pascale de Lonlay and Isabelle Desguerre},
  journal={Archives de pediatrie : organe officiel de la Societe francaise de pediatrie},
  volume={13 3},
Metabolic disorders constitute an important cause of neurologic disease, including neonatal epilepsy. Epilepsy rarely dominates the clinical presentation, which is more frequently associated with other neurologic symptoms, such as hypotonia and/or vigilance disturbances. In most cases, epilepsy secondary to inherited metabolic disorders presents with polymorphic clinical and electrographic features that are difficult to classify into precise epileptic syndromes. However, specific types of… CONTINUE READING

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