[Neonatal adrenal gland hemorrhage].

  title={[Neonatal adrenal gland hemorrhage].},
  author={I. Rubecz and V Gasztonyi and E Szauer and I Kodela},
  journal={Orvosi hetilap},
  volume={130 47},
During a six-month period the authors have been diagnosing 25 neonatal adrenal haemorrhage by 870 ultrasound screening examinations. This frequency (28.7%) is surprisingly high in comparison with earlier postmortem estimated literature data (1.7-6.0%). In 24 survived neonates the adrenal haemorrhage was absorbed between 6 weeks and 4 months, no disturbances in the electrolyte levels were found, and the haemorrhage did not require any treatment. However, the authors observed pathological… CONTINUE READING