[Nalbuphine/propofol anesthesia in the surgical treatment of war injuries].


In this retrospective study, the course of anesthesia and postoperative analgesia in fourty-one wounded soldiers was analyzed. Large, multiple gunshot wounds of the trunk and extremities, as well as injuries caused by fragments of projectiles and explosive devices were surgically treated. Anesthesia was performed with a combination of nalbuphine and… (More)


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@article{RakariPoznanovi1993NalbuphinepropofolAI, title={[Nalbuphine/propofol anesthesia in the surgical treatment of war injuries].}, author={M Rakari{\'c}-Poznanovi{\'c} and Z Boljevi{\'c} and D Marcec}, journal={Lijecnicki vjesnik}, year={1993}, volume={115 9-10}, pages={303-5} }