[Myeloma in an archaeological skeleton from Hofstadir in Mývatnssveit].

  title={[Myeloma in an archaeological skeleton from Hofstadir in M{\'y}vatnssveit].},
  author={Hildur Gestsd{\'o}ttir and Gudmundur Ingi Eyjolfsson},
  volume={91 6},
Archaeological investigations have been ongoing in the cemetery at Hofstadir in Mývatnssveit since the summer of 1999. To date, the remains of two chapels as well as 78 skeletons have been excavated, dated to between the 11th and 15th century. A skeleton was excavated in the summer of 2003 which showed pathological changes indicative of a malignant disease. Palaeopathological cases of malignancies are very rare, and it is therefore important to report on each case. Skeleton HST-027 was a female… CONTINUE READING


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