[Myeloid sarcoma of the brain. A case report].

  title={[Myeloid sarcoma of the brain. A case report].},
  author={Lamia Jabri and Mehdi Karkouri and Soumaya Zamiati and Sa{\"i}da Sqalli and Ahmed Iraqi},
  journal={Annales de pathologie},
  volume={23 1},
We report a case of myeloid sarcoma of the brain mimicking a meningioma on CT scan. The lesion was first morphologically misdiagnosed as a lymphoma, but correctly identified by using immunochemistry with anti-myeloperoxidase, anti-CD68, anti-CD15 antibodies. An acute myeloid leukemia was diagnosed 5 months later. Myeloid sarcoma is frequently mistaken for… CONTINUE READING