[Mycoplasms of the swine--A review].

  title={[Mycoplasms of the swine--A review].},
  author={N F Friis},
  journal={Nordisk veterinaermedicin},
  volume={27 6},
  • N F Friis
  • Published 1975 in Nordisk veterinaermedicin
The mycoplasmas constitute a group of microorganisms placed between bacteria and virus. The name, Mycoplasma, is derived from the mycelial morphology of the organisms. The minimal reproductive unit, the elementary body, measures 0.2-0.5 mum. Unlike bacteria, mycoplasmas are not confined by a rigid cell wall, but just by a thin membrane. For their cultivation, though common bacteriological technique is adequate, especially enriched media are required. Antibiotics, as a rule penicillins, are… CONTINUE READING