[Mutagenicity and harmful effects of anthraquinone dyes on DNA].


By means of the Eims test it was shown that 4 of 8 anthraquinone dyes had low mutagenicity and that of 3 dyes was doubtful. Damaging effect on DNA (alkaline elution test) was not detected. The test of sister chromatids' metabolism in mice bone marrow revealed no mutagenicity in any substance. During the Eims tests alizarin acidic blue had no activity and… (More)


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@article{Vasileva1989MutagenicityAH, title={[Mutagenicity and harmful effects of anthraquinone dyes on DNA].}, author={Lyubov A Vasil'eva and Lev N. Pylev and M. Sikora and D Guretska and E Gurska}, journal={Gigiena truda i professional'nye zabolevaniia}, year={1989}, volume={5}, pages={28-30} }