[Musical hallucinations: 7 cases].

  title={[Musical hallucinations: 7 cases].},
  author={Gilles F{\'e}nelon and Suely Nagahashi Marie and J. P. Ferroir and Achille Guillard},
  journal={Revue neurologique},
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Musical hallucinations (MH) occurred in 7 patients (5 women and 2 men, age 58-90 yrs) with mild to severe unilateral or bilateral deafness. The hallucinations usually consisted of musical memories (childhood songs, past "hits"). They started abruptly and were identified, sometimes after a period of doubt, as hallucinations. They became "louder" in the silence and, when iterative, could be distressing. By concentrating, 3 patients could change the ongoing tune for another. Elementary (1 case) or… CONTINUE READING