[Mushroom poisoning--classification, symptoms and therapy].

  title={[Mushroom poisoning--classification, symptoms and therapy].},
  author={R N Kohn and Z Mot'ovsk{\'a}},
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The most serious poisonings are the hepatotoxic ones which are caused above all by Amanita phalloides, virosa, verna, Lepiota helveola, Galerina marginata, Gyromitra esculenta, Hypholoma fasciculare, and nephroptoxic intoxications which are caused above all by Cortinarius orrelanus and Paxillus involutus. Neurotoxic and psychotropic intoxications develop after ingestion of Inocybe, Clitocybe, Amanita-panterina, muscaria and Psilocybe. Most frequently the gastroenteric type of mushroom poisoning… CONTINUE READING