[Multi-reasons, severe megaloblastic anaemia--description of two cases].

  title={[Multi-reasons, severe megaloblastic anaemia--description of two cases].},
  author={Ewa Kazimierska and Monika Lubińska and Anna A Lewczuk and Krzysztof Błaut and Krzysztof Sworczak},
  journal={Polski merkuriusz lekarski : organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego},
  volume={20 118},
We report two cases of young patients (44 and 26 years old) with severe macrocytic, megaloblastic anaemia in course of Addison-Biermer's disease. In addition we found also other reasons of vitamin B12 deficiency. The one of them was chronic autoimmune thyroiditis and the second was, surely, Helicobacter pylori infection. The presented cases confirm the importance of spreading the diagnosis with antithyroid antibodies detection and Helicobacter pylori test in all patients with Addison-Biermer's… CONTINUE READING