[Morphine-induced hyperalgesia, allodynia and myoclonus--new side-effects of morphine?].

  title={[Morphine-induced hyperalgesia, allodynia and myoclonus--new side-effects of morphine?].},
  author={Lynda Jacobsen and Anette Kristensen Olsen and Per Sj\ogren and Niels Henrik Jensen},
  journal={Ugeskrift for laeger},
  volume={157 23},
During the last ten years hyperalgesia (H), allodynia (A) and myoclonia (M) has been reported at an increased frequency in human beings treated with morphine. The side effects are most common in cancer patients treated with high dose morphine, and has been reported for all routes of administration. The mechanisms are unknown, but human cases and experimental works have resulted in the following theories: 1) Morphine and morphine metabolites change the postsynaptic pain-transmission in dorsal… CONTINUE READING
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