[Modular parenteral nutrition: a new concept?].

  title={[Modular parenteral nutrition: a new concept?].},
  author={Josep Manel Llop Talaveron and J J Mach{\'i} Ribes and B Gracia Garc{\'i}a and Ma B Bad{\'i}a Tahull and Ma Tubau Molas and Ramon J{\'o}dar Masanes},
  journal={Nutricion hospitalaria},
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INTRODUCTION We may define Modular Parenteral Nutrition (MPN) as parenteral nutrition (PN) mixtures obtained from adding different macronutrients to standard formulations (SPN) both binary (amino acids and glucose) and ternary (amino acids, lipids, and glucose). OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is to demonstrate that PN formulations may be adapted to… CONTINUE READING