[Microbiological testing of the artificial gingival margin in dentures].


In everyday practice dental laboratories try to reproduce the natural form of sulcus gingivae at the transitional area between artificial teeth and gingiva of removable dentures, even on esthetically less important areas. Aim of these investigations were to examine how artificial recreation of the sulcus gingivae influences plaque retention, and what is the… (More)


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@article{Hermann2004MicrobiologicalTO, title={[Microbiological testing of the artificial gingival margin in dentures].}, author={Peter Hermann and Ildik{\'o} Klein and Zsuzsanna Barna and Mikl{\'o}s Ka{\'a}n and P{\'a}l Fej{\'e}rdy}, journal={Fogorvosi szemle}, year={2004}, volume={97 3}, pages={123-7} }