[Microangiopathy in chronic venous insufficiency].

  title={[Microangiopathy in chronic venous insufficiency].},
  author={Anders J. Leu and Ahmet Yanar and Gerd Pfister and Manfred Geiger and Ulrich K Franzeck and Alfred K Bollinger},
  journal={Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift},
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Skin in the medial malleolar region was examined in 15 patients with moderately severe venous insufficiency (9 women, 6 men; mean age 57 [35-76] years), using intravital fluorescence microscopy, transcutaneous pO2 measurement and laser Doppler flowmetry. The findings were compared with those in a healthy control group (8 women, 7 men; mean age 53 [35-73] years). The arteriolar vasoconstriction response was tested by comparing laser Doppler flowmetry readings in the recumbent and sitting… CONTINUE READING