[Methemalbuminnemia after massive hemolysis during blackwater fever].

  title={[Methemalbuminnemia after massive hemolysis during blackwater fever].},
  author={St{\'e}phane Gidenne and Franck Ceppa and Fabrice Bruneel and St{\'e}phane M{\'e}rat and Axel Carde and Louis Brinquin and Pascal Burnat},
  journal={Annales de biologie clinique},
  volume={61 3},
We report a case of blackwater fever with brown plasma due to the presence of methemalbumin. The discovery of plasma with this color is a rare event at the laboratory. This compound appears during intravascular hemolysis or hemorrhagic pancreatitis when the ability of haptoglobin and hemopexin to bind free hemoglobin has been exceeded. In these cases some of heme is oxidized to hematin and taken up by serum albumin to form an albumin-hematin complex called methemalbumin. The major clinical… CONTINUE READING

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