[Methanogenic activity and methanogen diversity in marine gas field sediments].

  title={[Methanogenic activity and methanogen diversity in marine gas field sediments].},
  author={Qi Tian and Jia Wang and Xiao-lei Fan and Sheng-Jun Luo and Rong-bo Guo and Yanling Qiu},
  journal={Huan jing ke xue= Huanjing kexue},
  volume={35 6},
Methanogens play an important role in marine sediments, which are related to methane production and methane hydrate deposits. Methanogenic activity of marine gas field sediments was investigated using substrates that methanogens usually used as carbon sources. H2/CO2, methanol, methylamines and trimethylamines could support the growth and methane production of gas field sediments. 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis indicated that the predominant methanogens in the enrichment cultures were related… CONTINUE READING

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