[Metabolic disorders in epilepsy of early childhood].

  title={[Metabolic disorders in epilepsy of early childhood].},
  author={Viliam Holub and L T{\'y}nov{\'a} and O Saxl and Olga Podhradsk{\'a} and Anton{\'i}n Mrsko{\vs}},
  journal={Psychiatrie, Neurologie und medizinische Psychologie. Beihefte},
Metabolic disorders are discussed which are associated with the pathophysiological mechanisms of the origin of convulsions. Homeostasis impairment, e. g. hyponatremia, hypo- and hyperkalemia, hypocalcemia is mentioned, as well as vitamin deficiencies, such as pyridoxin deficiency, and the problem of phenylketonuria is discussed in connection with aminoacid disorders. Possible connections between aminoacid disorders and BNS, occurring in 8.1% of 1,688 children treated for epilepsy at the… CONTINUE READING