[Medico-social characteristics of female adolescents with early alcoholism].

  title={[Medico-social characteristics of female adolescents with early alcoholism].},
  author={Pavel I Sidorov and A V Mitiukhliaev},
  journal={Zhurnal nevropatologii i psikhiatrii imeni S.S. Korsakova},
  volume={87 10},
The authors have examined 174 girls and 112 boys aged 14-18 years suffering from early alcoholism. It has been found that the social microenvironment of girls with alcoholism was distinguished by a significantly higher rate of alcoholism in parents and relatives. Delinquent behaviour of girls was characterized by a greater homogeneity than in their male peers and was largely expressed in sexual promiscuity. The authors have described the phenomenon of "pseudo-hypersexuality" manifested by… CONTINUE READING