[Mechanism of quercetin as an antidiarrheal agent].


OBJECTIVE To investigate the antidiarrheal mechanism of quercetin extracted from Psidium guajava L. METHODS The effects of quercetin on the contractility of guinea pig ileum in vitro and on the peristaltic motion of mouse small intestine in vivo were observed, and the peak value of contractility and peristaltic distance recorded. The inhibitory effect of… (More)


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@article{Zhang2003MechanismOQ, title={[Mechanism of quercetin as an antidiarrheal agent].}, author={Wen-ju Zhang and Bao-tian Chen and Cai-Yun Wang and Quan-hong Zhu and Zhi-xian Mo}, journal={Di 1 jun yi da xue xue bao = Academic journal of the first medical college of PLA}, year={2003}, volume={23 10}, pages={1029-31} }