[Measurement of spontaneous blinks with a high-speed blink analyzing system].

  title={[Measurement of spontaneous blinks with a high-speed blink analyzing system].},
  author={Yoshiko Nakamura and Jumpei Matsuda and Kazutaka Suzuki and Haruyoshi Toyoda and Naotoshi Hakamata and Takasumi Shimamoto and Shigeru Kinoshita},
  journal={Nippon Ganka Gakkai zasshi},
  volume={112 12},
PURPOSE In order to analyze spontaneous blink kinematics easily and circumstantially, we developed a new method using an intelligent vision system (IVS) camera with a 1 KHz sampling rate, and evaluated the efficacy of this system. METHOD Eleven healthy male volunteers were examined after obtaining informed consent. Eyelid movements in the primary eye position were recorded with an IVS camera twice, for 30 seconds each. Data of upper lid position and lid movement were plotted every 1 msec by… CONTINUE READING

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