[Maternal acculturation process of married immigrant women in Korea].

  title={[Maternal acculturation process of married immigrant women in Korea].},
  author={Kyungsook Kim and Min Kyeong Kim},
  journal={Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing},
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PURPOSE This study was done to explore and understand acculturation focusing on reproductive health of immigrant women. METHODS For the research sixteen immigrant women were selected by snowball sampling. Qualitative data were accumulated by in-depth interviews and private document collection. Raw data was analyzed following Mandelbaum's conceptual framework. RESULTS The dimensions of immigrant women consisted of existence: emerging from the new environment in which it was hard to… 

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[Maternal conflicts of Vietnamese married immigrant women in Korea].

Based on the results, health professionals need to develop effective nursing interventions toward a positive maternal identity and approach with interculturalism for the Vietnamese married immigrant women in Korea.

First childbirth experience of international marriage migrant women in South Korea.

Relationship of Acculturation on Stress, Quality of Life, Self-esteem in Married Immigrant Women in Korea

Developing nursing interventions to enhance self-esteem and to reduce acculturation on stress toward improvement of QOL among married immigrant women is recommended.

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Acculturation on Stress, Quality of Life, and Self-Esteem in Married Immigrant Women in Korea

Developing nursing interventions to enhance self-esteem and to reduce acculturation on stress toward improvement of QOL among married immigrant women is recommended and to improve the quality of life of marriedimmigrant women, development of nursing strategies according to reducing acculturations on stress is needed.

Social support, acculturation stress, and parenting stress among marriage‐migrant women

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The Effects of Socio-demographic Factors, Acculturation Stress and Resilience on Depression among Mothers-in-law in Multicultural Families

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate factors influencing depression among mothers-in-law in multicultural families. Methods: For this study, 159 participants from multicultural

Effects of a Mentoring Program forin Infant and Child for Married Female Immigrant Women

It is suggested, that the mentoring program be used to immigrant women at multicultural support center help to adjust to the childrearing experience and this will enhance the quality of family life of immigrant women in Korea.



Pregnancy and Childbirth Experiences of Chinese Marriage Immigrant Women

The results of this study can be used to develop a program that can provide Chinese immigrant women with childbirth education before marriage and prenatal and postpartum manage- ment and to train culturally sensitive nursing skills.

The Experience of Transition in Pregnancy and Childbirth among the Married Immigrant Women in Korea

A deeper understanding of the essence of the transition experiences of married immigrant women who undergo pregnancy and childbirth after immigration is contributing to the importance of establishing an appropriate health and medicare systems and the expert network of nursing care for immigrant wom.

A Study on Pregnancy, Delivery, and Infant Rearing Knowledge and Educational Need of Marriage Immigrant Women

It is suggested that further researches should be conducted for the development, application, and verification of pregnancy, delivery, and infant rearing education programs that consider knowledge and educational need of immigrant married women in South Korea.

A Study of Spousal Support, the Demand for Health Education, and Quality of Life for Married Female Immigrants

There is a need for a multidimensional strategy to improve the quality of life and spousal support for immigrant females in international marriages.

Adjusting to Life in the United States: Therapy with Haitian Immigrant Women

Recommendations highlight methods for integrating assessment, therapeutic approach and the client's background when making decisions about treatment as well as other areas of which the therapist may need to be aware when providing culturally appropriate therapy to Haitian women.

[A comparison study using mixed methods on foreign residents' satisfaction with Korean health care services].

Results of this study provide basic knowledge on foreign residents' satisfaction and experience with Korean health care services and further research is needed with foreigners from different cultural backgrounds.

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퇴행성 관절염 노인의 삶의 질 구조모형

The results of this study suggest that nursing strategies to increase QOL in this population should contain social support to promote QOL and manage functional limitations and health perception.