[Material for the pediatric resuscitation trolley].

  title={[Material for the pediatric resuscitation trolley].},
  author={C Calvo Mac{\'i}as and Jes{\'u}s L{\'o}pez-Herce Cid and {\'A}ngel Carrillo {\'A}lvarez and E Bur{\'o}n Mart{\'i}nez},
  journal={Anales de pediatria},
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Cardiorespiratory arrest and the need for cardiopulmonary resuscitation can occur anywhere, both in the out-of-hospital and in-hospital settings. Therefore, all healthcare centers (hospitals, primary care facilities, out-of-hospital emergency services) must be prepared to initiate life support procedures in children and to treat other life-threatening emergencies. To achieve this objective, adequate material including a full crash cart or resuscitation trolley is essential and must be available… CONTINUE READING