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[Marshall-Marchetti-Khrantz operation for stress incontinence. 100 cases (author's transl)].

  title={[Marshall-Marchetti-Khrantz operation for stress incontinence. 100 cases (author's transl)].},
  author={J. Sarramon and J. Lhez and P. Courty and B. Randua Nalimana},
  journal={Journal d'urologie},
  volume={87 8},
The authors report a series of 100 cases of stress incontinence of urine in the woman, treated by Marshall-Marchetti-Khrantz operation. In reoperations for urinary incontinence which has already been treated surgically, the authors deliberately opened the bladder in order to clearly visualise the bladder neck and trigone and hence insert the juxta-cervico-urethral sutures in the best possible position. It is of interest to note the severity of Retzius haematomas (even though rare: 3 cases) and… Expand