[Mantle cell lymphoma].

  title={[Mantle cell lymphoma].},
  author={Parham Khosravi Shahi and Alejandro del Castillo Rueda and Gumersindo P{\'e}rez Manga},
  journal={Anales de medicina interna},
  volume={24 3},
Mantle cell lymphoma accounts for approximately 7% of adult Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas. It is a neoplasm of monomorphous small to medium-sized B cells with irregular nuclei. The tumor cells express strong IgM and IgD, and B-cell-associated antigens. Nuclear cyclin D1 protein is present in all cases and is the gold standard for the diagnosis. The t(11;14) (q13;q32) in the majority of the cases results in rearrangement of the BCL-1 locus and overexpression of the cyclin D1 gene. Most patients present… CONTINUE READING

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