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[Mandibular condyle hyperplasia. Therapeutic review].

  title={[Mandibular condyle hyperplasia. Therapeutic review].},
  author={Raymond Gola and Jean Paul Carreau and G de Massiac},
  journal={Revue de stomatologie et de chirurgie maxillo-faciale},
  volume={97 3},
Excessive cartilage growth on the condyle process of the mandible can result from primary hyperreactivity of the growth cartilage or be a secondary adaptation to an imbalance in occlusive and/or cervicofacial conditions. Treatment depends on the distinction between these two forms. Primary active overgrowth is treated by condylectomy sparing the distal apparatus although conservative surgery to re-centering the temporomandibular joint and re-establish symmetry without condylectomy may be used… CONTINUE READING

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