[Management of visceral artery aneurysms. Retrospective study of 23 cases].

  title={[Management of visceral artery aneurysms. Retrospective study of 23 cases].},
  author={Fabrice Muscari and Andr{\'e} Barret and Xavier Chaufour and J P Bossavy and Eric Bloom and Bernard Prad{\`e}re and J L Gouzi},
  journal={Annales de chirurgie},
  volume={127 4},
STUDY AIM To evaluate symptoms and results of the treatment of aneurysms of digestive arteries. PATIENTS AND METHOD Retrospective study of 23 patients (14 male and 9 female, mean age = 51 years) treated in two departments of academic hospital. We studied the aneurysms characteristics (location, number, size, etiology) the type of treatment, and occurrence of post-operative complications. RESULTS The aneurysms involved the splenic artery in 13 patients (56%), the superior mesenteric artery… CONTINUE READING


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