[Mammary gland development: Role of basal myoepithelial cells].

  title={[Mammary gland development: Role of basal myoepithelial cells].},
  author={Marisa M. Faraldo and Ilaria Tadd{\'e}i-De La Hosseraye and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Teuli{\`e}re and Marie-Ange Deugnier and Mejdi Moumen and Jean Paul Thiery and Marina A. Glukhova},
  journal={Journal de la Societe de biologie},
  volume={200 2},
Mammary epithelium is organized as a bilayer with a layer of luminal secretory cells and a layer of basal myoepithelial cells. To dissect the specific functions of these two major compartments of the mammary epithelium in mammary morphogenesis we have used genetically modified mice carrying transgenes or conditional alleles whose expression or ablation were cell-type specific. Basal cells are located in close proximity to mammary stroma and directly interact with the extracellular matrix… CONTINUE READING

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