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[Magnetic resonance imaging applications in obstetrics].

  title={[Magnetic resonance imaging applications in obstetrics].},
  author={S{\'e}verine Launay and V. Cuilleret and Christy Boyer and Philippe Mestdagh and Steve Moisan and Pascal Vaast and Ph. Bourgeot and Matthew R. Denes and Nathalie Rocourt and Yann Robert},
  journal={Journal de gynecologie, obstetrique et biologie de la reproduction},
  volume={32 3 Pt 1},
PURPOSE To review the main indications and results of magnetic resonance imaging in the pregnant women. MATERIAL AND METHOD We reviewed MRI practice during the pregnancy based on our own experience in a prenatal diagnostic center and data in the literature. Rapid improvement in MRI technology has allowed more extensive use, giving a good contrast-to-noise ratio and multiplanar imaging. RESULTS Although ultrasound provides primary screening information, final diagnosis may require further… CONTINUE READING


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